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There isn’t a stage Erica doesn’t like. Three decades of performing. Thousands of hours of live television. Thirty years of speaking. Hundreds of fascinating interviews conducted. Scads of interesting panels moderated. Years of running profitable businesses. Shelves of awards won. Erica has stories and strategies to light up your stage and challenge your audience to think differently.



Empowerment, motivation, practical solutions, and actionable behaviour. Every keynote is designed to inspire audiences to adopt a success mindset and make meaningful change to achieve their goals. Here are some of the popular topics Erica presents. Erica will customize any talk to suit your needs. Don’t be afraid to ask.

Bold Face: Courageous Leadership in the Age of Entrepreneurship

Both entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs alike will benefit from Erica’s motivating keynote filled with strategies to empower and embolden her audience to reach their goals by thinking differently. Erica’s successful career reinventions from television icon to award-winning publisher and marketer provides the backdrop for compelling storytelling and real-life scenarios that identify specific behaviour preventing us from reaching our potential. Audiences will walk away with practical, easy-to-implement solutions that can change an entrepreneur’s trajectory.

Reinvention: How To Be A Step Ahead in a Changing World

The average person will change careers between three and seven times in their lifetime. So much time and energy is now devoted to transitioning from one job to another. Technology is turning our world upside down. The life span of a career has become as short as our attention spans. As quick as you can say “Squirrel,” your job has become irrelevant. You’ve been downsized. Your skills are outdated. Or the career path you chose no longer suits you. All of us are in a forced state of constant reinvention. It’s time to take control. Erica taps into her journey of reinvention with an emphasis shifting to a Success Mindset with hands-on strategies for audience members to be proactive and create the life they want in our constantly changing world.

Social for Good

Aimed at businesses large and small, social media has become essential marketing tool for brands. Learn how businesses can leverage the fantastic potential of social media and avoid the dangerous minefields by using social for good. Topics include how the value of relationship marketing, how to grow an online community, customer service using social media, and curating a business profile to engage consumers.

Stuck? This is How To Get What You Want

Stuck? Unable to reach life goals? This energetic keynote will motivate you and your staff to take action and feel more in control of your future. Erica shares tales about her unusual upbringing, her years on MuchMusic, her entrepreneurial successes and how she created the life she wanted with her success mindset. Audiences will leave armed with strategies to change behaviour and a better understanding of what it takes to get what you want out of life.

Knowledge Mobilization: The Disconnect Between Science & Social

Geared to scientists and medical practitioners, this talk will share new approaches and technologies the health can share their research with the right audience. Through “It Doesn’t Have To Hurt”, an award-winning science-media partnership with Dr. Christine Chambers and The Centre on Pediatric Pain Research, Erica Ehm has emerged as a pioneer in knowledge mobilization. Erica provides useful insights and strategies to move research out of medical journals and conferences into the hands of people who actually use it, by harnessing the power of creativity, marketing and technology.

Note: Dr. Christine Chambers is also available to provide scientific perspective.


A panel’s success is directly connected to how well it’s moderated. Knowing the right questions to ask, having enough experience to control the conversation, and the experience to ensure each panelist is comfortable - all this is familiar territory for a media veteran like Erica. Equally qualified to lead conversations about music, media, motherhood and marketing and more, moderating is Erica’s specialty.


When the host of an event is comfortable on stage, it relaxes an audience, confident they’re in good hands. When the host is able to think on their feet, a potentially dull event jumps to life. Having years of experience improving on live television, broadcasting live from locations around the world, Erica Ehm brings confidence and a down-to-earth elegance to every event she hosts.